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Jack in Love_ poster2

Before John F. Kennedy became the 35th President of the United States, he was a fearless young man everyone affectionately called “Jack.” JACK IN LOVE tells the story of how JFK’s love for three women helped a charming, young romantic mature into a political and cultural legend.


The battle to abolish slavery and secure equal rights for women wasn't fought on a battlefield with rifle and cannons but in the homes of wealthy northern families and convention halls.

TLGL_West Point poster_small

After a former CIA Paramilitary soldier completes his assignment in Abbottabad, he hides out at WEST POINT's Army Military Academy as a cadet.


Just the way CRASH tackled race relations in L.A., AMERICAN JINN looks at how gun violence gets fermented in today's culture and the role America’s Jinns (guns), play in escalating everyday conflicts into tragedies.

GN One Page.small.jpg

Three immortal warriors, XERXES, HANNIBAL, and ALEXANDER reinvent themselves as modern-day crime-fighters. Their powers are put to the test when they agree to deliver a controversial young Muslim activist to a UN conference.

Sunrise Gardens poster

When a mysterious new family moves into a quiet suburban neighborhood, a developer's teenage daughter falls in love with the youngest son only to learn they're blood-thirsty aliens.

CHIANG poster.color.jpg

Set in Chinatown, three generations of Asian –Americans come to grips with tradition and what it means to be a family in America after the mysterious murder of a trusted friend’s daughter.

RUTANNA image.small.jpg

In this retelling of the Book of Ruth set in the 1950s and 60s, two matriarchs of a wealthy family of Jewish sugarcane growers lose everything and are forced to make a perilous journey from Juan Perón's Argentina to the newly established nation of Israel.

911 Cover.small.jpg

Four sisters, CARRIE, CHARLOTTE, CATRINA, a beat cop, and CLAIRE, a Trauma Unit physician, love, fight and work together, as they tackle Atlanta’s 9-1-1 emergency calls. When CARRIE ADAMS, Atlanta’s 9-1-1 Director, is brought before a Senate hearing, she soon realizes that she’s not the target of Sen. TOM THATCHER’s “witch hunt” but her younger sister Charlotte, the city’s new mayor.

Morrison cover2.jpg

When THE DOORS front man JIM MORRISON died in 1971, more than 20 women claimed to have children by the rock icon. Haunted by controversy over his lineage, CLIFF MORRISON arrives on the scene as one of rock’s most promising new stars, only to succumb to his father’s demons.

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