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Set in San Francisco's Chinatown, three generations of Asian–Americans come to grips with tradition and what it means to be a family in America after the mysterious murder of a trusted friend’s daughter.


CHIANG is a one-hour dramatic television mini-series.  

GENRE:  Drama, Cop, Action.



Eric Chen, Garret Sato, John Villareal, Susanna Owens, and J. P. Gillain.


Directed by

Mark Weatherbe



Andrew Parke



B. R. Stanley



Nik Nikolaidis


Original Music Score

Laz Nikolaidis


Still Photography

Taryn Freitas Carlson






PILOT SYNOPSIS:  San Francisco's top cop, Inspector Eric "Chuck" Chiang (husband to a Japanese doctor, the daughter of a Japanese industrial tycoon, and father to an overly ambitious SFPD rookie) hunts down an elusive killer with the help of his long-time partner, Juan Anderson.  When a popular TV reporter gets involved, the search becomes even deadlier as old memories of a elementary school shooting come back to haunt him.

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